Team Jobstation Project Collapses, Morten Eide Pedersen Losing His 2d Team Within Few Months


Morten Eide Pedersen does not deserve this misfortune.

First Team BN Bank closes down in spring – and its 32 year old leader forced to search for a new team for the upcoming season…

…That finds itself in a shape of an ambitious continental entrant: Team Jobstation.

The new French outfit talks big, signs -apart from Pedersen – Jean Marc Gaiilard , Masako Ishida and even Dario Cologna as a sort of a cameo appearance star….

Ten days ago, with considerably less fanfare, it is announced that a title sponsor has pulled the plug at the last moment, Team Jobstation is no more and there is an urgent need of a new sponsor willing & able to provide some 250.000 euros needed for the next season. Highly unlikely, alas.

So, now Pedersen, Number 5 in the current Visma Ski Classics ratings , is looking for a new team – or perhaps, altogether new career.

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