Guess What? Northug Is Back With Team Norway!


No, the Olympic champion and, possibly, the most famous skier of all times is not planning to use his skis

Instead, he’s planning to use glasses.

Yes, Northug brand is a new official sponsor of the Norwegian Ski Federation with its eyewear.

The irony is not lost on either sides: no skier in the world ever quareled more with his national federation than Petter – particularly over brand endorsements.

” It may not sound like a love marriage, but now I can give something back by providing Northug glasses to the national team” cracks Northug to TV 2 Norway

” He’s a special kind of guy with unique achievements, quips Espen Bjervig, Team Norway’s manager, – Part of the deal is that Petter will mentor the young skiers and participate in on other projects”

On how to deal with national team sponsors, no doubt.

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