Blink Skifest: Top Stars Sign Up For Inaugural Lysebotn Doublepoling Race

Some, clearly like it hot. Then there are others who like it “hot all the way” – like in ” Lysebotn Double Poling all the way”

Just to remind you, that a traditional Blink Skifest Lysebotn Climb is in skating style and involves 6.4 kilometers of constant climb for a total altitude gain of 640 meters – or a crazy average gradient of 10% !

Monsters of doublepoling ( can’t think of a better way of putting it) will do exactly same distance – but on slower wheels!

Yep, according to latest, skating will be held in the usual Wheels Speed 1 ( fast) while doublepolers demanded Wheels 2 !

All the rollerskis will be, of course, 0 X 0 i.e. no ratchet mechanism in either to prevent “diagonal cheating”

Here’s a partial list of those heroes who signed for Lysebotn DP:

reigning world champion in skiathlon Sjur Røthe
Olympic champion Justyna Kowalczyk
reigning Vasaloppet champion Tore Bjørseth Berdal and #2 in women’s rankings in Visma Ski Classics Astrid Øyre Slind

indefatigable Anders Aukland, 46
Andorran skiing sensation Ireneu Altimiras Esteve ( who says his training track back home has no flats so he only knows uphill or downhill)
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