Shock: There Is Someone Who Doesn’t Want To Live Close To Martin Sundby!

A newly crowned World champion Martin Johnsrud Sundby might have to split his attention between skiing and going to court next season.

According to to ABC Nyheter a 34 year old plans to sue municipality of Ringsaker for revocation of already issued building permit.

Four years ago Sundby bought some land at one of the Norwegian ski paradise locations – Sjusjøen. It looks like he only got around to building a cabin on it this year with municipality first OKeying his blueprints, but then abruptly cancelling it. Something to do with a Norwegian law stipulating how close the walls of your house could be from the land plot borders and whether the neighbors agree to getting too close to them and/or blocking their views.

According to his tax declaration, Sundby earned NOK 5.7 mln ( just shy of 600k in euros) in 2017

The area of Sjusjøen where Sundby bought the land, has a tell-tell name for anybody who ever skied: Birkebeinerbakken Panorama. Very fitting for the man who won Norway’s most famous race in style in 2017!

Ironically, it was Sundby purchase of the land that started a buyer’s craze with plots in vicinity quickly climbing to over NOK 3 mln ( 310.000 euros) as everyone wanted to live close to the skiing super star. Well, obviously not all wanted to live TOO close.

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