Marketing Potential Of Ski Prodigy: 25 Agents Applied To Represent Frida Karlsson

If you manufacture anything with even remote appeal to broader public AND had a way of foretelling the future, chances are you would apply last year to become Friday Karlsson’s sponsor.

Or, if you are representative of a burgeoning profession of intermediary between sport stars and sponsors, you’d do anything to become her business development & marketing agent.

It’s too late now though: in interview with SVT Sport her mother ( and former world class skier), Mia Karlsson says that only during the World Championship some 20 to 25 agents contacted the family and offered to represent Frida

Think about it and tell your friends: 25 already highly paid professional reps, all queuing for the honor to represent hitherto unknown Nordic skier.

Honor – and a lot of money.

The 19 year old Swede is golden – and we are not talking her collection of medals.

Last year Charlotte Kalla AB, the company through which the Swedish Olympic champ runs her sponsorship deals, posted income of some SEK 11.3 mln ( 1.1 mln Euros). Smart money, no pun intended, is on Frida surpassing that figure with ease.

Here’s why:

“The sponsor requests are now at a completely different level. It’s like day and night…Leif ( father) and I stop many inquiries even before they come to Frida. She would not have time to do anything else if she accepted all the offers” , says Mia Karlsson.

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