Apparel Brands By Skiers. Russian Trio Leads

No less than three top Russian skiers produce and sell their personal apparel lines.

While the sales figures are not quite those of Daehlie or Johaug brands, strong race performances and active social media use help the business to grow for all three makes.

More are more ski clubs in Russia feature racing suits and training textiles developed by the trio. Sales pitch can’t be be argued with: all three emphasize that through years of hard training and competing they’ve learned how apparel should be made to fit the needs of skier.

All three generally sell in Russia but if you are so inclined, you also could order a piece of clothing bearing your favorite Russian “lyzhnik” name, special delivery.

VMax is well known acronym for any skier, meaning maximum aortic velocity. But it’s also the name of the apparel brand by Max Vylegzhanin, cleverly derived from his name.
Gleb Retivykh designs, produces and sells textiles and accessories under his brand GR. A Russian Seefeld-19 medalist emphasizes that almost all profits are given – or ” reinvested” as he calls it – into local youth ski clubs
Double Lahti-17 champion and TdS winner Sergei Ustiugov does not have apparel line in his name – instead he’s partnered with Turin-2006 Olympic champ Eugeny Dementyev in development and promotion of his brand, DE.
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