Skiers, July Shirtless Edition

Yeah, because it’s very hot to wear anything covering a torso.

But also because the elite skiers these days have bodies so well conditioned that Myron of Eleutherae would beg them to pose for one of his sculptures were he to live today.

Remember, the ancient Greeks honored the athletic body as a symbol of extreme discipline, tenacity and overall civilizational superiority. Living twenty five centuries after talking about superiority of any kind would be uncouth, of course…

So, how about calling them a “source of inspiration / object of emulation” for the rest of us?

These are the skiers’ bodies honed and shaped by hundreds of hours of extreme physical hard work

Ivan Kirillov
Evgeny Belov
Andrey Krasnov
Artem Maltsev
Sergey Turyshev,second coach & squire
Gleb Retivykh
Evgeny Belov, again
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