Trimtex Makes Leap Into Top League By Signing Frida Karlsson

Let’s not mince words: Frida Karlsson is a personality the xcskiing world badly needed – and now got.

A combination of the Swede’s fierceness on the track and a disarming smile of a teenager ( yes, she’s still 19 as of this writing) will bring the august sport of narrow planks on snow millions of fans both now – and in a foreseeable future.

Or, to make it more modern sounding, she’s the hottest influencer in the sport since Johannes Klaebo started to show what he’s capable of a couple of years ago.

Whoever had a foresight to sign a contract with Ms. Karlsson before she burst into the scene is to be applauded for his/her business acumen.

Today we talk to one of them – meet Ole Kristian Augland, Owner/Product and Brand Manager of Trimtex

– Trimtex is a well known brand with the xcskiing crowd, but hitherto it never sponsored the athletes of World Top 20 level. And then suddenly you sign the one of the world’s biggest stars. What are you aiming to achieve with that rather bold move?

We have known Frida long before she had her breakthrough performances. Last season. She has been a part of our program called “Tomorrow’s Heroes” where we empower young athletes to chase their goals and achieve their dreams. As a specialist within premium customized sportswear we work with world-class athletes as Frida to push the development of our products. But for us, choosing and
investing in an athlete such as Frida is not only about development and reach, it’s also about aligning the values and personality of an athlete to our brand.

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– What are the financial arrangements, does Frida get a share of profits and what’s duration a contract with Trimtex?

The financials of our contract are confidential, but Frida’s work ethic, dedication and perseverance speaks out the core of our brand and we are extremely proud to have her on our team as brand ambassador.

– Any dedicated ” Frida Karlsson Collection” of apparel is in the works? If yes -when’s that expected?

Frida is the face of our new and soon launching premium ski collection named Ace. This is a totally new line with jacket, vest, pants and the most uncompromising race suit in the market – fully customizable, of course.

– You are a Norwegian company, she’s Swedish – and the biggest upcoming threat to Johaug and Oestberg. In sport borders/national identity still matters and fans tempers flare. What are your thoughts on that?

We are a Norwegian born brand with roots in Sweden back to early 1980’s so we see ourselves as a Scandinavian brand. Some rivalries between nations is pure healthy for the sport, so we have no problem backing Frida as a true brand ambassador. Frida represents what we call True Nordic Grit.

Photos courtesy of Trimtex/Emil Sollie

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