Top Skier Turns His Mishap Into Advertizing Tool – And We Love It

Gleb Retyvikh is one of the world’s top skiers who proved his mettle by winning a bronze at the World Championships in Seefeld this year.

However,  his real moment of fame last season came during the World Cup stage in Otepaa in January….

…About ten meters before the finish of Sprint’s quarterfinals a 27 year old Russian did this:

Spectacularly novel finishing touch immediately led to all sorts of #retivykhchallenge mems on social media ( do you your quick googling, some of them are actually quite fun)

Lesser people would get upset but Retivykh have decided to use his newly found internet fame to promote his vary own apparel brand, GR

Where else to present a new “Retivykh Leap” collection than same very place where it happened – Otepaa, Estonia? Unfortunately, Retivykh is contractually prevented from wearing anything but Team Russia sponsors’ brands while at the training camp…
..So the hard job of modelling ( for the purposes of this story only) fell on Vsevolod Solovyov, a well known reporter and television sports commentator who happened to want an interview with Retivykh…


…who ever says reporters are useless bunch? at times they ( we) come handy indeed.
Oh, and GR “Great Retivykh Leap” switch-shirt is very cool!


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