Klaebo Has Not Signed Agreement With National Team – And Deadline Is Looming


World’s best male skier (do we need to say the name?) still has not signed a contract with the Norwegian national team – and June 10th deadline is looming.

Bone of contention: social media and, more specifically, advertising & promoting on social media. The sides (Johannes does not get involved – he is represented by his father and manager, Haakon Klæbo, as always) don’t want to comment beyond that.

It’s clear, however, that whatever boundary between “Klaebo being himself” and “Klaebo being part of the national team ” they eventually find, it will serve as yardstick to all future contracts for all Norwegian skiers – and possibly beyond.

Case in point: on this photo from the World Cup in Davos Johannes is seen wearing a jacket with all the team sponsors’ logos – but also with Kygo earphones, his personal sponsor. Can it go to his Instagram? Or does he have to take the jacket off first and/or wait till he is out of Davos? With tens of thousands of euros at stake in each case, those are not rhetorical questions.

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