Summerski Project Is Taking Shape – And Needs Your Help

Remember the Summerski Project, a valiant effort by Lars Englund from Bollnäs, Sweden to develop & promote plastic surface that feels exactly like snow?

It’s moving forward – here you see the first Summerski track taking shape:

the first Summerski track is being built on the property of Bollegården Sports Hotel that Lars Englund owns

Mr. Englund and his partner & adviser in the project, none else but all-time-great Thomas Wassberg ( yes, the Olympic champion of Lace Placid, Sarajevo and Calgary) hope to have the track finished early summer and already plan the first competition, scheduled for late August.

the track is going to run some 400 meteres on the loop and have a few ( gentle) climbs. The profile actually looks a lot like Skiweltcup Dresden WC stage!

Interested? You should be, especially if you are a big city dweller – that plastic-that-feels-like-snow surface potentially gives you a rare chance to take your fancy planks out not one or two months a year, but any time you wish, not Mother Nature.

But in this case there is more: you have a rare chance to actually contribute to developing something new & exciting- here’s a message from Lars:

– I am looking for a person who wants to help build the Summerski track in exchange for a place to stay and access to training facilities. I offer 2 meals a day ( breakfast and lunch) and a room in the hotel if one agrees to work 4 hours a day!

You could reach Lars via his FB page

Bollegården Sports Hotel has a long history of hosting xcski training camps

Images courtesy of Speedface AB / Summerski

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