Vidar Løfshus, ex Boss Of Team Norway, Got New Job – And It Might Surprise You


Vidar Løfshus did not go to work for the Chinese as many predicted after he resigned his commission earlier this year – instead he went to insurance company.

Løfshus was the boss of the Norwegian cross-country national team from 2011 to 2019, and during his reign the team won 12 Olympic and 23 World Championships gold medal, possibly the best period in the history of the Norwegian xcskiing ever.

His new employer is Fremtind Forsikring, newly formed insurance company, owned by SpareBank 1 and DNB – both of which were/are major sponsors of Team Norway.

A 49-year old Løfshus, who has business administration degree, will be responsible for
culture and performance development atthe company.

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