Meet Those Who Go Against The Grain. At Least When It Comes To Choosing Skis

We all know that this century all podiums at the World Cup/World Championships are being won on Fischer, Atomic, Rossignol, Madshus or Salomon ( collectively known as FARMS) skis.

But some athletes go against the grain and use even in those august competitions the skis being made by the other manufacturers.

One thing strikes us as a bit odd: male skiers are very traditional while female ones are much more open to experimenting. At least when it comes to choosing their skis. That – or we simply missed those daring, ready to try something new men at the World Cup scene.

One way or the other, there are only ladies in our image collection today

Say hello to Czech International Sandra Schützová and her distinct red-nosed Kästle skis

Kästle skis of the last season were re-branded Czech Sporten, produced in Nové Město na Moravě. Actually, there is Sporten no more as in April it was renamed into Kästle CZ.
Here’s Miki Kodama from Team Japan, doing intervals at Dachstein.
Miki puts her trust into a domestic brand Ogasaka
Sara Pellegrini runs for Team Italy – and does so on Ski Trab. ( those red nosed skis in the corner of the picture are actually Kästle)
Ski Trab are recognized for their mountaineering skis, but “Made in Bormio“ Aero Gara planks are well known among Nordic skiers as well.
Wrapping up our short survey is Swiss international Nadine Fähndrich. A 23 year old had a fantastic season that culminated in a podium at the WC stage in Cogne
Clearly, Nadine’s success is linked at least in part to her Peltonen Supras. Which makes Ms. Fähndrich the only WC athlete to use neither FARMS nor a domestic brand.
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