Egor Sorin Comments On Lysebotn Doublepoling

At 33 Egor Sorin is one of the youngest national team coaches. And an old hand at Blink Festival that he started to attend as assistant coach to Markus Cramer

Sorin and Sergey Ustiugov at Lysebotn in 2017.

We had a quick chat about new Lysebotn Doublepoling race that debuts this year

Interesting race. It would be useful to check my athletes’ abilities in doublepoling uphill.
It’s actually more effective to use DP uphill than diagonal stride on many tracks.

The technique of uphill doublepoling as well as tempo and rhythm of the movements are very different from those used in more common doublepoling on flat portions of the track.The strength endurance of very different muscle groups is required.
However, given restrictions of doublepoling on many the World Cup races, it would be more useful for my current athletes to participate in the traditional, freestyle Lysebotn race this year as it helps to model actual winter races. In 3-4 years it would be good to put many of them to test in Lysebotn Doublepoling
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