Northug’s Janteloppet: See Who Was There

The inaugural edition of Janteloppet has come and gone – and that was quite something!

Do not take it from the easily impressed media ( like us) – take it from normally reserved Natalia Nepryaeva: “Как же нам было круто 🤩 Это было идеальное завершение сезона 🔥” Or “It was so awesome! The ideal ending of the season”

The Norwegian race-meets-party shows where the cross country skiing needs to go were to compete and win in people’s attention against others, “cooler” sports. Over the next week we will do our best here to convey what was so “awesome” about Janteloppet.

But the first story is as simple as it is visual – see who graced the mountaintop of Hafjell- Øyer with their presence. And when we said “graced” – on Janteloppet you could have not only run in the same race with them – but also to party, to mingle with afterwards. Not your typical World Cup race where spectators get to see the stars from afar. That alone makes Northug’s race worth emulating.

Frida Karlsson no longer needs any introductions. Let’s just say that photographers were crowding over her every step of the way.
Kristine Stavås Skistad. Another star rising
Russian leaders Natalia Nepryaeva and Anastasia Sedova
Ebba Andersson
Laura Gimmler
Anastasia Sedova ( again) and Yulia Belorukova
representing the best of biathlon, Tiril Eckhoff
Irina Kovalenko
Frida Karlsson ( yes, again – do we need an excuse to post another photo of Frida?! )
Anna Zherebyateva
Linn Soemskar
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