We Look At Those Who Trouble Comfortable And Comfort Troubled.

Yep, it’s a quote. Attributed to the great Australian coach Ric Charlesworth: “The interesting thing about coaching is that you have to trouble the comfortable, and comfort the troubled”

Here are some of the best of trouble dispensers & comforters in the great sport of cross country skiing.

Yuri Charkovsky, a doyen of coaching corps of the world is 77. He would still outrun vast majority of people half his age on the tracks/ Charkovsky is no longer coaching but he’s director of Team Russia responsible for all the logistics of his 100+ people team
Team Norway’s manager Vidar Lofshus has had enough of his tough job. After dozens of golden medals won under his watch, Lofshus is resigning from the national team
Team Germany senior trainer, Peter Schlickenrieder, had a very solid start of his tenure. Skiers like Katharina Hennig kept on making Top 10 in many races of the season
Matt Whitcomb, Head coach of the U.S. Women’s Cross-Country Ski team. 2017/18 season was incredible for U.S. ladies – the last one not so much, but the youth cadre is growing
Yelena Vyalbe is both senior coach of Team Russia and the head of Russian Ski federation / Yuri Borodavko coaches Alex Bolshunov among the others
Magnus Ingesson , Team Sweden’s boss, is often seen running the show while having his own skis clipped on
Jostein Vinjerui, Head Coach of Team GB Nordic. Grown new stars such as James Clugnet last season
Aleksander Wierietielny is coaching Team Poland will always be remembered as Justyna Kowalczyk’s trainer
Markus Cramer , seen comforting his best known protegee, Sergei Ustiugov.
Bosses talk. Yelena Vyalbe and Tobias Angerer who just was elected a vice president of the German Ski Association.
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