Cross Country  Is B-sport, You Know?

Cross Country Is B-sport, You Know?

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"Cross country ( skiing) is a B-sport, you know? Thus spoke Wolfgang Pichler, quite possibly the world biathlon's most famous coach of our days ( 2'15" in interview) The German coach of the Swedish biathlon team then goes on talking about how Single Mixed Relay at the Biathlon World Champioship saw 29 nations – apparently, a record for countries' participation in any winter sport, ever. Pichler is wrong: a similar two-athlete event at Seefeld-2019, men's Team Sprint, also had same 29 entrants ( yes, that including now-infamous Austrians) . Ladies had 19. Yet Pichler is right – but a totally different way. [caption id="attachment_10696" align="alignnone" width="1920"] Biathlon prize money for last season was  7 000 000 €.For each victory on the World Cup - 15 000 € . World Championship made…
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