Novel Way Of Winning In Sprint Or I Am Very Sorry For What Happened

Two rising stars of international skiing had a bit of a kerfuffle at the sprint finals of the Universide-2019.

Alexander Terentiev

First, sprint prodigy from Team Russia Alexander Terentiev, 19, stepped on opponent’s skis nearly causing the latter one to lose the balance. Both literally – and figuratively – speaking

Ivan Yakimushkin

The said opponent, Ivan Yakimushkin, 22 , found a novel way of responding – and overtaking – in a closely contested race.

By grabbing & pulling his pole

Yakimushkin, who, like Terentiev, made alreadyh several World Cup appearances for Team Russia , then accelerated and came to the finish first, while unlucky opponent finished second.

Judges, somehow, have summarily failed to appreciate Yakimushkin’s innovative methods and disqualified him.

Later Ivan issued an apology – “Very sorry for what happened!”

Here’s what we say: many a skiing traditionalist fail to appreciate ski sprint – others, however, love it just for the moments like that. Have your pick.

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