Seefeld-2019. Behind Scenes

..what you don’t typically get to see in your television broadcast…

Mountain sun, warm weather – and thawing ski tracks. Seefeld 2019 is going to be fun for spectators…
… and royal pain in the butt for ski waxers & techs
monster wax truck where 8 or more waxers can work side-by-side is not only the single most expensive item aound – it’s the most needed one too
Some skiers brought their life partners along – others left them at home and brought just a smile
rules for ” moving pictures” a.k.a video filming have been tightened drastically – so non-rights holding media i.e. those who did not pay a ton of money to FIS are forced to chase stars of skiing outside their hotels
speaking of media & stars: Vidar Løfshus, the boss of Norwegian team is a total rockstar
…and so is Elena Vyalbe, the boss of Team Russia
plenty of pretty mountains ans cute chalets to use as background for a TV stand-up or a selfie
comrades from Beijing-2022 came in significant numbers
after that long hard day full of skiing…
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