Seefeld-2019. Curtain-Raiser. In Pictures

We have made an effort to convince you using stats & figures, that Seefeld-2019 has a promise of becoming the best world championship ever.

Here’s a glimpse of how the Tirolian resort looks on the eve of the tournament kick-off

Nour Keirouz, Lebanon xcski champ, will compete in sprint at Seefeld

Focal point – the newly built Seefeld Ski Stadium

…where swarms of waxers and technicians are busy selecting the winning wax formulas

“dude, did you bring enough planks along?”

…Total “my wax truck is bigger than your wax truck!”. Or, at least, my flag is higher

…These guys look like they also care about chemicals – but of entirely different type. Just a guess – police forces are not in habit of manifesting their exact tasks

Those used to free-wheeling atmosphere of World Cup races won’t be happy: all approaches to ski tracks are cordoned off and will be monitored for trespassing by police

…Seefeld’s iconic Seekirchl area has been changed quite a bit. A pity for old hands, but surely we all will soon get used to the new landscape

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