Role Of Individual In History.  Ski History, That Is

Role Of Individual In History. Ski History, That Is

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...In the year of 1898 a leading luminary of the social-democratic ( "progressive left" in today's parlance) movement, Georgi Valentinovich Plekhanov, had published his most famous work, The Role of the Individual in History. ... Some 120 years later a certain Norwegian skier has decided to retire – thus inadvertently proving that nothing has changed in a way the human society runs itself. There are tell-tell signs that without Petter Northug Jr. competing and, perhaps more importantly, making his sarcastic remarks on and off the trail...people are turning away from watching/reading about cross country skiing. Norwegian public broadcaster NRK run a story on the weekend showing to what extent the country's media as a whole care about the great sport of cross country skiing during and after Northug – take…
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