It Finally Happened. Petter Northug Presents His Glasses Collection

No one really expected the most exciting personality in cross country skiing of the last decade ( and many would say ever!) to quietly exit the scene, right?

So, now Petter is back with his very own brand – you guessed it – Northug®

First products were proudly ( if somewhat low-key) presented at the Norwegian industrial expo Norspomessen on Monday.

Yes, you can take a peek at how a production version of the Northug glasses looks.

We say – bold.

Petter wouldn’t be himself if were he not to enlist help of some of the best people in business.

Jon Inge Gullikstad, boss of Brandassist, the company that helped to make both Vegard Ulvang ( wool clothing) and Therese Johaug ( just about any clothing) millionaires through attaching their names to respective products.

Gullikstad currently helps to promote Kygo Life – a product by Kyrre Gørvell-Dahll a.k.a. Kygo, the world-famous Norwegian musician. And a good fan of Johannes Klaebo

Klaebo sporting Kygo Life earpieces

Design support comes from Bård Eker, the man best known for his cooperation with uber-fancy Koenigsegg Automotive.

First Northug brand glasses will go on sale in the spring ( there are also gloves but no specs emerged yet). We could only speculate about price, but are certain: they won’t be cheap. Nothing King of Skis ever does is.

Top photo courtesy of Eker Design

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