Beard, The Best A Man Can Get

Since everybody & his dog are discussing Gillette’s (successful ) attempt at stirring the pot , we have decided to jump on that bandwagon too.

We have no idea whether a beard these days is supposed to be a nod towards “toxic masculinity” or any such.

We merely present you beard fashions on the top of international skiing. Whether they are in dire need of Gillette or otherwise – you decide.

“Full-time beard” Brigade

Martin Sundby
Baptiste Gros
Simon Caprini, Rossignol Nordic manager
Sergey Ustiugov

“Three-day stubble Squad”

Sindrе Skar ( L) and Artyom Maltsev
Federico Pellegrino
Hans Christer Holund
Dario Cologna
Peter Schlickenrieder, Team Germany head coach
John Dahl, triple Vasaloppet winner
Matt Whitcomb, Team US coach

Total win:

a volunteer at Dresden SkiWeltCup

…next time we shall present you the opposite camp: ” Those who shave” gang. Again, nothing to do with #boycottgillette or any such. Just an excuse for publishing more pictures, as it were.

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