Best Portraits Of 2018. Part 3

Yes, after Part 2 comes part 3. It was a very interesting year, the one of 2018!

Erik Valnes is all smiles after winning Sprint race in Olos, but Alexander Bolshunov who came second – not so much
Jonannes Klaebo after the race
Kari Slind and Ragnhild Haga are nicely smiling into the camera while Kat Harsem is giving the Olympic champion next to her bunny ears , OMG :)))
Right to left”: Sivert Knotten, Alexander Bolshunov, Sivert Wiig, Federico Pellegrino, Eirik Brandsdal at the starting grid of Sprint Semi at Blink Festival
Sergei Ustiugov & Alpine sun
Martin Sundby fights his jacket, wins
Alexander Ek and Andrei Krasnov
Iivo Niskanen
Natalia Matveeva
Marit Bjorgen and Kari Slind warm up for their race in Seefeld
Lisa Unterweger
Ingvild Oestberg
Lucas Boegl
Sofi Cadlwell just came first in WC stage Sprint qualification
Dario Cologna, stretching
Jimmy Clugnet
Natalia Nepryaeva
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