…Face Is Mirror Of Mind…

“The face is the mirror of the mind, and eyes without speaking confess the secrets of the heart” – thus allegedly spoke Saint Jerome ( who, unlike many other Christian saints, wasn’t butchered by some savages but lived long and, by all accounts, rather happy life)

Armed with that time-tested wisdom, we offer you today a collection of photos taken throughout the year of 2018 at different venues with one thing in common: faces of athletes

Concentration, anticipation, hope, elation, disappointment, happiness – or simple “leave me all alone” – it’s all there.

We made no distinction between famed Olympic champions and ( yet) relatively unknown skiers – facial expression was something that mattered.

Certain photos need explaining of circumstances under which they were taken – other are self-explaining.

Sometimes the subjects knew they were filmed, other times they did not. If somebody thinks that she or he wasn’t caught at the best moment – well, apologies then, we shall do better next time.


Evgeniy Belov in Leader’s Chair, knowing he’s about to win his first-ever WC stage
Stina Nilsson
Sergei Ustiugov after the race in Seefeld that did not go his way
Anna Shevchenko
Lucas Chanavat
Ingvild Oestberg
Kasper Stadaas is unhappy about his performance at Team Sprint in Dresden
… and neither is his teammate Johannes Klaebo
Eva Urevc


Alexander Bolshunov
Elisa Brocard just made Top 10 at WC stage for the first time in her career
Ivan Yakimushkin
Elisabeth Schicho
Jessie Diggins
Maciej Starega and Finn-Hagen Krogh await results of sprint qualification to find out if they go through to the quarterfinals

[caption id="attachment_9792" align="aligncenter" width="1920"] Krista Parmakoski
Irina Kovalenko
Laura Gimmler kisses her boyfriend Florian Notz as both wait for their turn to race in sprint
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