Supersprint Is Coming To Continental Europe

Dear cross country skiing purists – please read no more ( you, likely, stopped reading anyway, upon seeing the title of this story). Yes, we do realize the competition format we shall be talking about here is a far cry from the sport of tough woodcutters, gliding through forests using time-tested diagonal style.


To all the others: rejoice!

The fastest growing competition format in cross country skiing has crossed the seas and is coming to Continental Europe:

Say hello to the first ever König Ludwig Lauf Superspint

If you are still a tad fuzzy as to what it is – here’s a vid explaining it all & featuring the format’s biggest international star, Ludvig Søgnen Jensen a.k.a Ludde.

Again, we are, probably, preaching to converted here, but in Norway and Sweden superprints have quickly grown from “weekend fun” to massive events – e.g. Östersund Winter Grand Opener at the beginning of November gathers thousands of spectators and is shown live on national TV

Ludde, a world record holder ( yes, 100m Supersprint keeps its records for posterity – unlike its older siblings, distance ski races) is expected to grace König Ludwig Lauf Superspint with his presence & participation, we hear. Ditto for Emanuele” Lele” Becchis, world champ in rollerski sprint.

The “traditional skiing” will be represented by Max Olex from the German National Team ( and thanks again for the initial tip about König Ludwig Superspint, Max!) and his teammates. There is a hope that other national teams will send their fastest sprinters to partake.

The timing can’t be better: most of the world’s national teams will be in the area, preparing for the start of the FIS World Championships in Seefeld, due mid-February

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On the other hand, Supersprint on Friday, Feb. 01 will pave the way for Germany’s biggest traditional mass cross country skiing race, original König Ludwig Lauf on February 2d and 3d 2019.

Several thousand people come every year to beautiful Oberammergau in Bavaria to participate & cheer in long distance races. They will form a discerning crowd at the Superspint on Friday, no doubt.

Word of advise to our readers: if you’re in the area – don’t miss the event. It’s a show to behold & cross country skiing as you never saw before. And if you are a world-class skier – it’s probably not too late to sign up.

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