Davos Potpourri – In Vision

Davos Nordic is always kind of special: for one, it’s the first continental stage of the FIS Ski World Cup…

It is also the first one on altitude – and heck, it’s arguably the fanciest place the international ski circus is travelling to in its season.

…The following photo-spread is not about who came first (although, if you’re Johannes Klaebo you automatically get more media & fans’attention) After all, that’s what a multi-camera television broadcast does the best in effort to inform you.

We, however, try to add to it by giving you a glimpse into what happens before, after & behind the scenes as the world best skiers meet in the Swiss Alps

Enjoy – and write to us who and what you’d like to see captured next time!

Fancy villas overlooking ski stadium. That’s Davos for you
….and that too
Klaebo and Bolshunov in one shot in the paddocks? Lucky strike
Chanavat and Davos = good fit
Stiff upper lip, British style. Except that the “lip” here belongs to Jostein Vinjerui, Team GB’s Norwegian coach ( and the smile to James Clugnet )
Gleb Retivykh is cheering on his teammate. Or asking somebody to buy him some Swiss cheese to take home while he is competing the finals – it’s hard to tell in that noise
Martin Sundby is sporting a much shorter beard this season….
…and Sergey Ustigov has a longer one
Chris Jespersen in the Leader’s Chair, awaiting final results
IIvo Niskanen is watching the results’ screen while in prone position at the race finish
Yes, we, the media, are vultures. Longer you are down on the snow – closer we shall get to you with our cameras. Sorry
Baby, it’s cold outside! Team US staffer chose an interesting pose to watch race results in -10 Celsius
this gentleman designed your Speedmax – say hello to Hans Hubinger at Fischer Sports
…and this gentleman is in charge of producing of ( chances are) your poles, waxes and textiles. Say hello to the boss of Swix, Åge Skinstad
the Norwegians have returned the photo of Therese to their humongous wax truck
Malene Rydjord Ausland is a sponsorship boss at Coop. And Coop is a title sponsor of the FIS World Cup. Next to her is Martin Galleberg Jr.
Racing coordinator for Madshus
last but not the least: this fluffy guy did not get to see the skiing competitions. Yet he is the most famous dog on the ski circuit. Meet Maniek, Justyna Kowalczyk’s dog ( and no, he wasn’t freezing his doggy butt off in cold van – it’s just picture)
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