Petter Northug Hangs Up His Boots. What We Are Gonna Miss So Badly

It came to pass: Petter Northug Jr. has decided to end his illustrious career.

It’s the end of an era – and, hopefully, a beginning of a new one.

We won’t effort to remind you how many medals he won and where- you either already remember that yourself or will read it elsewhere. Instead we shall highlight what really made Petter Northug the one & only, the king of skis – and social media.

In no particular order:

Who else would choose a personalized bib with that number? Scandalized? You are barking on the wrong tree!

Who else would arrive to a ( minor) race in private jet?

Who is the reigning king of ski Instagram? Or, as Petter himself might have put it, nearly a third as famous as Lindsey Vonn herself!

Who else is so charmingly self-deprecating?

Who else could smash a sponsor’s car yet get a new one – and quite a shiny one for that?

Who could post something like this – and totally get away with that…because he’s Petter Northug?

Who’s gonna feed all tabloid journalism with stories of his conquests ( yeah, you could count us in all you like)?

In short, it’s not ( only) a great skier we gonna miss – but a trailblazer, trendsetter and, above all, that charming enfant terrible

Miss – and hope that a new one comes to eclipse Petter soon enough.

All photos used are courtesy of Petter Northug Jr Instagram account

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