Rain, Rain, Go Away! Go Away From Lillehammer!

It’s plus 5 Celsius in Lillehammer today , with steady rain. Same as a prevailing weather in Finland and Scandinavia throughout the whole month of November.

Sprint qualification was a battle against elements for both skiers and their servicemen

“Something is got to be done about that ” is a popular ( not unanimous, however) feeling among athletes, coaches and equipment producers. Nobody, however, is prepared to go on record with their ideas as to what specifically suggested ( and we heard some interesting ones, trust us!)

waterskiing session ?

The irony is, both North America and Siberia currently go through a moderate cold spell, with plenty of snow and sub-zero temperatures. Most skiers would like to have the World Cup races to be held somewhere in there in November-early December.

Team Russia is onworking Bolshunov & Co skis hiding from elements under the tent

But either the lack of money ( North America) or the politics ( Russia) prevent that from happening. Sad!

We hope to continue this conversation with all involved when/if they decide to go public with their criticism of the current situation and, more importantly, with specific suggestions.

Johannes Klaebo and Martin Sundby stay positive in any weather – as long as they win

all photos are courtesy of NRK/NRK Sport ( screengrab)

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