Norway Bans Fluoro Wax In Youth Sport. Well, Kind Of

“This is a choice for everyone who loves the Norwegian cross country skiing. We hope cross-country Norway will respect the fluoride ban, as the ban is based on trust “

Those were the words of Torbjørn Skogstad, chairman of the cross-country committee of the Norwegisan Ski Federation.

The decision was announced this week. The gist of it: total fluoride ban for competitors up to and including 16 years of age.

The battle against the fluoro was protracted – we talked about it on our pages a year ago.

Repeat: no mechanism of verification is introduced – it’s an honor-based ban.

Random checks are possible, but, even if violations are established, no punishment shall be meted out.

It is not entirely clear how the checks will be performed, whether random or otherwise, – there appears to be no sufficiently cheap and efficient technology to go with. But where there is a will – there a way, eventually. Once the tech is developed and tested, the ban might become less of a matter of trust and more of full compliance – or else.

waxers’ job at the youth races in Norway will suddenly become much more complicated…
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