Ramsau When There Is Unseasonably Hot

Skiers should have been training up there in the mountains, on Dachstein glacier – but abnormally warm weather keeps most down in the valley
some run with poles – like Teresa Stadlober and Irina Kovalenko…
…or “”power trio” of the Russian team: Denis Spitsov, Alexey Chervotkin and Alexander Bolshunov
Others have have opted for rollerskis – like Viktor Brännmark who wanted to show the others that in Pitea Elite they train bare-chested. Others did not mind at all 🙂
on the roads skiers are competing with local cows for the right of passage ( losing, mostly – cows were there earlier)
…biathlon brothers & sisters are there too. Lisa Vittozzi is practicing her classic stride
Teams are showcasing their new racing suits – like Bundesmanschaft here
Sponsors bring their newest wares ( say hello to Madshus new Racing Support manager, Martin Galleberg) …
..athletes are happy to get their new “tools of trade” – case in point, Irina Kovalenko and her Leki HRC Max F
Sun is shining, temperatures are in mid twenties in mid October
And when the work is done for the day, the hammock is a place to be – just ask Elena Soboleva
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