Cars Are Skier Girl’s Best Friend

It took a while, but vehicle manufacturers and dealers have figured one important thing out finally:

If you want to stress how powerful, sleek, efficient and downright sexy the car you are trying to sell is – get a cross skier to promote it.

Double so if the skier is a she.

We have no access to the data showing how that association works for marketing & promotion – but it got to be working since more and more Olympians take to Instagram to display their latest best friend ( to quote Petra Novakova presenting her new Mazda)

Lady-skiers are far more imaginative with their cars – just you look at that car art on some of them.

And can’t help but noticing: either car companies prefer sprinters to distance runners, or distance runners are less prone to showing their iron horses.

Yulia Belorukova & her Toyota C-HR

Maiken C. Falla & Kia Sportage

Stina Stina Nilsson & her VW Tiguan

Petra Nováková and her Mazda CX-3

Heidi Weng and her Volvo XC60 ( and her built-on-spec houыe, Weng Huset too)

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