Rottefella, New MOVE And Irrational Desires Of Years Past

Rottefella, abandoned by Fischer and Rossignol, is doing its very best to keep the share of the market.

It just introduced new RF MOVE bindings that are not only movable along the axis, but are also compatible with the IFP platform (aforementioned Fischer & Rossignol).

MOVE are great bindings et al, but we are nostalgic for the times when the Norwegian producer was known to go off on a tangent , introducing tough, austere world of xskiing to the concept of luxury.

Remember the father/best friend/boss’best birthday present ever-ever, Rottefella Titan? A battalion of keyboard warriors went on maligning the very idea of bindings that cost more than the skis they are attached to when they first made in appearance in what? 2012?

Well, Sven Albert will still would happily sell you a pair for a cool 429.95€.

… In Rottefella catalog of 2014/15 we were happy to discover Xcelerator Woman Edition featuring gold plated lever.

Those were the days

A Daily Skier reader sent us a fresh photo from a shop in Ramsau am Dachstein still selling them for cool 169€.

Probably less convenient & price/performance worthy than the latest MOVE. Just like that BMW convertible you always irrationally wanted.

And yes, you are welcome – those are your Christmas presents ideas. Cool things never go out of fashion.

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