Weekly Digest 23.09 – 29.09

In our weekly digest we ( being totally biased and selfish) selected 5 ski-related news from the last week that rock our boat. Hope they would rock yours too.

1. Unless we missed something, Team Swiss sets the pace for competition by being the first to unveil new race suit design for the upcoming winter. We dig new red-white-azure- baby blue colors a lot more than the last season all-black ones.

2. Moa Lundgren, Junior World champion in sprint, has reached hitherto unheard level in lactate threshold test – 24 mmol/L! Just to remind you, the test is aimed to show how much lactic acid the body can withstand before the muscles stop responding to brains’ commands. Normally xcskies tune out at 10-15, maximum 18


3/ “…The boy who defied everyone and revolutionized cross-country sports…The story about the golds, the scandals and the drive that changed everything…” That kind of foreword for the book could only be about one skier on the planet. An authorized biography of Petter Northug goes on sale. Bad news? Only in Norwegian and Swedish. Good news? You have at least 5 weeks to learn either language – it will start shipping at the beginning of November

4-5/ Two good news these week for popularization of skiing

– French retail giant Decathlon has launched a rollerski line under its own brand – and with seriously competitive prices and in the areas hitherto “free from rollerski retailers”

– While Decathlon is aiming to price-conscious consumer, the machine builders of Belarus are launching a bid to conquer low-end segment of ski-grooming sector. New snow-groomers from Minsk are seriously cheaper than established competition.

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