Northug Is King – Of Instagram + Other News About Most Important Social Media Net

It would be silly to equate a popularity of sportsman or woman with amount of Instagram followers he/she has.

Silly – but we will nonetheless.

Because how else is to gauge the said popularity across the board? Generation Z is in love with Snapchat and VSCO while Gen X seem to prefer FB and/or Twitter. Where do they all meet? On Instagram with its one billion+ subscribers.

And as to why is it important – here’s just one piece of data that should remove any need for further explanations: 44% of young folks of Gen Z indicated that Instagram influences their shopping decisions. With Millennials it falls to 21% but nobody would dispute it’s still huge.

We have looked at the Instagram accounts of world’s top skiers – and those who spend considerable amount of their time on narrow skis ( case in point: Nour Keyrouz, Lebanon’s XCski champ, successful model and TV celebrity)

Minimum amount of Insta followers to qualify was arbitrary set at 5000. Less than that – and you don’t get a mention in this review, sorry

Here are the top Ski Instagramers in their respective countries


Lucas Chanavat 8k


Alex Harvey 22k


Jessie Diggins 95k
Kikkan Randall 38k
Sadie Bjornsen 12k


Teresa Stadlober 5k


Steffi Boehler 6k
Laura Gimmler 5k


Dario Cologna 67K
Laurien van der Graaff 8K


Alica Canclini 32K
Federico Pellegrino 28K
Ilaria Debertolis 9K


Iivo Niskanen 50K
Krista Parmakoski 36K
Kerttu Niskanen 25K

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Alexander Legkov 89K
Sergei Ustiugov 64k
Denis Spitsov 29K


Charlotte Kalla 190K
Stina Nilsson 87
Marcus Hellner 62


Petter Northug 449K
Therese Johaug 360K
Johannes Høsflot Klæbo 296K

Rest of the World

Nour Keyrouz Lebanon’s Cross Country Ski Champion 42k


– Norway proves once again that its stars are household names at home and abroad. Northug is the King – he beats not only every other skier but every biathlete ( best: Martin Fourcade with 371K followers) too.

– Charlotte Kalla is “almost Norwegian” and the only one clearing 100K treshhold outside Team Norge

– Instagram is not only about one’s results – but also about dedication to social media, quality of photos/videos and, yes, one’s good looks too. Just ask Alice Canclini who’s amount of followers quickly surpassed that of the Italian World champ Federico Pellegrino and keeps on growing fast.

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