We Read Through 176 Pages Of Fresh FIS Bulletin

The International Ski Federation ( FIS) has published its biannual Bulletin. We read trough its 176 pages so you don’t have to. If you do , however, here’s a link

Here’s what we gleaned:

– FIS continues to emphasize effort that went into development and upkeep of the FIS App for “fans and stakeholders alike”. The said app ( and we presume all reading this have already downloaded & are using it) allows real-time monitoring of all FIS events and races, including cross country skiing. There were circa 300.000 app downloads in total since its launch some 2 years ago Fair to say that that’s the best gauge of the size of active audience of all sports under FIS umbrella. No breakdown per sport was provided.

– Next important bit is phrased thus. We are having problem to decipher what it actually means – and when anything would come out of it:
“A proposal will be established to define a possible format for mixed gender event”
Very strange timeframe, given an unqualified success mixed gender races enjoy in biathlon.

– There is , apparently, also a discussion afoot about more “sprint oriented team sprint format”
That’s it when it comes to any possible new competitions. No mention of super sprint, despite the format growth in popularity – especially in Norway.

– FIS has 22 staffers based in Oberhofen, Switzerland and 38 competition management staff, technical experts and media coordinators. Pretty lean, given how many sports FIS is lording over.

– Financial results of 2016 – 17 ( in other words – the numbers given are for two years rather than one) make an interesting read :

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Overall profit of FIS stands at CHF 13.25 million of which larger part came through management of assets ( CHF 8.23 mil) – so, actual operating income for two years is CHF 5.02 mil

Turnover CHF 47.58 million, costs 41.38 million…Among those – CHF 10 million paid out to National Ski Associations, all 128 of them. Another 15 million were distributed to NSAs via a separate profit-sharing agreement.

Comparison to the previous period, 2014-2015, is rather negative: back then FIS earned CHF 56.137 million and made a profit of some CHF 17.3 million. Profit drop of some 24% is detected.

– Virginia de Martin Topranin from Italy and Martin Jjlha from Finland are two cross country representatives in the FIS Athletes’ Commission who’s mission is “ to represent and empower all athletes”

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