World’s Best Skier Caught Using Doping And Other Dramatic Events: Crime Fiction Book Hits Bookshelves

Just how popular cross country skiing is in Norway? Well, popular enough for one of the country’s top crime fiction writers ( and a former minister of Justice, if anybody needs to know) to cobble together a book centered at the sport.

“A Tomb For Two” plot goes like this: Norway’s best female skier is caught taking Clostebol right before the Olympic games. Sounds familiar?

Well, that’s where would-be realism ends and full-throttle drama begins. The protagonist, one Hege Chin Morell, is a Chinese orphan, adopted by a rich Norwegian businessman: shy, shunned by the rest of the team and avoided by sponsors.

Plot gets thicker when a promising male skier is found dead with a high amount of Clostebal in his blood.

Tough female private investigator gets on the case and soon discovers a sinister world of deception and sabotage, old sins and new crimes that are being planned.

“The panic in Norway’s cross-country establishment is total! ” the book summary cheerfully promises.

All yours for 399 NOK or about 42 euros plus shipping. Happy bedtime reading!

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