Man Who Made Helmet Cool. Part 2

In Part 1 we have tried to relay our fascination ( and appreciation) with what Olav Hagen, a retired Norwegian policeman, did and still is doing to the world of skiing: making it wear helmets.

Because helmets are not just useful – they are cool. Actually, make it super cool. Klaebo-level cool!

Hagen posing in front of Catlike promo poster with Klaebo. Do you need any – any – other reason to buy one?

Now we give stage to Olav himself to explain in his own words

– The Aramid roll cage of Catlike Mixino is one of the keys to a safe and very light helmets. This is basically Kevlar that is as strong as steel and is used in ballistic vests, aerospace construction etc.

– The Aramid/Kevlar/graphene combo works in such a way that it picks up the energy from the hit points during the crash and shares it over a bigger area to reduce the risk of injuries in the head and concussion.

I often see how this works in practice!

Didrik Tønseth’s helmet after the crash. Cage held

Didrik Tonseth was wearing Mixino when he had a horrible crash last year. He said that the helmet saved his life!

– Catlike is one of the few brands that offer custom painting for teams and clubs

– For cross country skiers another thing sets Mixino apart: it is probably the most ventilated helmet in the market. The airtubes go over one’s head and end up in the rear part of the helmet.

Marit Bjorgen was the first Mixino user in cross country skiing when it came out on the market some 4-5 years ago. She totally deserves a shared credit for making it so popular

– The fit of the Mixino is fantastic. Catlike has a sidepadding system which means that different size and form of the users head can fit into the helmet. The sidepadding allows a round head compared to an oval head type to use the same helmet. As result, it fits around 90% of all the users.

– Catlike introduced in July 2018 the latest version of Mixino – Mixino Evo. It will weigh 225g and will be available with and without MIPS ( Multi-directional Impact Protection System. It’s the latest word in the science of head impact protection. google for more)

this helmet also saved somebody’s life. yellow strings inside are kevlar
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