Skiers & Calisthenics: Best Of

Today’s cross country skiing is not your dad’s cross country skiing for sure. The further we go – the more athletic skiers become. Quite a few could grace any tournament of street workout & calisthenics with their presence.  

The athlete who opens this fitness parade on our pages is, of course, none else than Lucas Chanavat, one of the world leaders in ski sprint

A 23 year old U23 World champ is known to promote handstands as a way of training – and showing off his prowess…

…doing it at home in France…

…and doing it while travelling places exotic


Meet Ms. Evgenia Feshina, rollerski World Cup winner and Team Snow Leopards skier

FIS – take a look at this! It might give you an idea for some sort of new “ski pentathlon” or something


A 19 year old Ekaterina Borisova is bringing to skiing what she learned doing rhythmic gymnastics in her childhood


Another 19-year old, Anita Korva, is totally convincing at doing a “Human flag”

BTW, Ms Korva is as impressive in dancing

…This list is in no way exhaustive, so feel free to add your favorite skier who is also a calisthenics hero.

Top Photo: courtesy of Lucas Chanavat Instagram account /

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