Equipment Update: Who Is Using What. Poles Edition

We at the Daily Skier believe that the best skiers are not just medal-winning machines, but personalities – and influencers. To put it bluntly, knowing “who’s shirt she/he wears” is important tidbit of knowledge that may or may not affect your choice when time comes to renew your equipment. Or it may not – but people still care to know – the way they care about football or basketball stars’ preferences.

…This story is about what poles best international skiers are using. Naturally, vast majority of them are sponsored i.e receive the poles for free in exchange for visibility/promotion. Still, no skier would ever use poles if she/he find them wanting in any respect. So it’s fair to say poles they use reflect their personal choices.

unusual to see Krista Parmakoski with Swix poles

…ditto for Ingvild Flugstad Østberg

By the way – the Russians use Swix poles only – that’s a part of the deal the Russian Ski Federation signed a few years ago. Such team-wide deals are not common but not unheard of

Sergey Ustiugov was seen for the first time competing with Triac 3.0 ( last season he stuck to 2.5 model)

2.5 is not out either – here’s Irina Kovalenko using them in sprint semis

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Both Charlotte Kalla…

..Ragnhild Haga were seen using the poles from their old sponsor, now bankrupt One Way Sport.

More exotic choices were on display as well

Masako Ishida and KV+

Federico Pellegrion and Rossignol

Kari Slind and Exel

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Sindre Skar and Leki

Amalie Honerud Olsen and Rex

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