Nancy Okoro, Balkan Cup Winner: How Did I Get My Abs And Why Are They So Important

Nancy Okoro just turned 19

She is a Balkan Cup overall winner of this year racing for Bulgaria. The Daily Skier profiled a Bulgarian cross country skiing talent last year

More relevant to the story of today, Nancy is one extremely fit individual representing what is rapidly becoming a must-have for an elite cross country skier in order to succeed – a body with a very high ratio of muscles & a low fat count.

Ms Okoro says that started to work on her core muscles some 4 years ago and works specifically on her abs some 2-3 hours each week.

For statistical purposes, Nancy is 169cm and weighs some 55 kilograms. Her latest muscle mass measurentns gave her 48.7 % – basically, off the charts , half of her body is composed of muscles!

See what those muscles mean in practice – here’s Nancy doing her usual horizontal bar routine. Don’t bother to count – only very few in the skiing world could match that

This year Nancy hopes to enter a medical school. She penned this quick story for the Daily Skier in between her studies and training.

The abdominal muscles are broad and flat. They extend between the chest and the pelvic bones. In this way they surround the abdominal cavity. With their abbreviation, they help to tilt the body forward and downwards for the respiratory movements, and also help maintain the position of the abdominal organs. With their help, the bladder, the colon and the uterus are emptied during delivery.

In cross-country skiing, the abdominal press is important for both classic and free style. When pushing, the hands and the body are used. The muscles involved are: the muscles of the back, chest and upper limb (triceps, biceps, deltoid muscles, muscles of the forearm). In free style, the belly press is an even greater sign. Intervertebral muscles and abdominal abdominal muscles help the body not to move in the sides during skiing but to maintain rectilinear movement.

In order to train the stability of the internal abdominal muscles, most exercises that are practiced are static, while the dynamic help in the shaping and appearance of the so-called abs.
The need for the listed muscle groups is vital. They contribute to a number of processes and functions in the human body, as well as to a look that delights the eye. 

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