New Faces In Elite Skiing

The last season “young guns” have seriously pushed experienced skiers off the pedestal. It is more pronounced in male skiing where 21 year old Klaebo and Bolshunov ran almost unopposed towards the end of the season.

The tendency is not that pronounced (yet? ) in ladies’ skiing – however yesterday’s juniors such as Stina Nilsson, Teresa Stadlober and Natalia Nepryaeva need to introductions any longer

Today we bring to you attention some names/photos of those who, we reckon, will come to shine in the upcoming season – and many years to come after that, of course.

The list (and skiers’ order of appearances) is in no way definitive – it’s merely an attempt to make readers/viewers understand, recognize and appreciate some of the “new elite’ better.


Caterina Ganz, 22 – Italy
Anna Zherebyateva, 21 – Russia
Anna Seebacher, 24 – Austria
Manca Slabanja, 22 – Slovenia
Nathalie von Siebenthal, 24 – Switzerland
Katharina Hennig, 21 – Germany
Petra Novakova, 24 – Czechia
Sofia Henriksson, 24 – Sweden
Irina Kovalenko, 23 – Russia and Lisa Unterweger, 23 – Austria
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