Faces Of Elite Skiing. Part 1

Upon looking at the photos from the last season, a realization came: too much attention on the actual results, too little on the people behind those results

A thing need to be remembered: one could be an indomitable champion – or not. But all those who made it to the World Cup or a pro-long distance team are some of the best trained humans on this planet. And some of the best looking too.

Relaxed, smiling, tense, concentrated, angry, happy – their faces and body language betray emotions they feel before & after the race.

So, without further ado, here are the elite skiers of 2017/2018 ( and it will be continued in Part II…Part III…then we’ll see)

Ragnhild Haga concentrates before the race start in Seefeld at the end of January. Does she already have a premonition that she would become an Olympic champion at this very distance, 10k freestyle just a few weeks later?
18 edition

Natalia Soboleva is all smiles ahead of the grueling Toblach-Cortina long distance race. 50k? doublepoling? No problem for a former U23 champion – in sprint
Ebba Andersson, 21 is representing a new wave of young skiers that went to storm the podiums this year. Always very concentrated before the race
Ingvild Flugstad Østberg is the opposite – if you could smile, why not smile? The attitude we love
Cendrine Browne and Mathilde Petitjean are on their way to the ladies’ 10k start in Seefeld. Mood? Perfect!
Laura Mononen ignores ( the annoying) camera. She’s already on the distance in her thoughts
…Elisabeth Schicho of Germany, however, acknowledges the world through the camera lens. Thanks, Elisabeth!
Natalia Nepryaeva smiles happily after a good race in Lahti where she came 2d. Very strong season for a versatile young Russian
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