All That Moves Skiing World

November to March each year the Big Skiing Circus is on the move.

Station wagons, minivans, full size vans and, top of the chain, full size, custom built tractor-trailers – all busy carrying skiers and their equipment from one European venue to the next.

Some vehicles are standard, but many are custom built and, as the current ski fashion dictates, are covered with photos of the team’s top skiers.

Here they are, massive element of success ( or failure) in each ski team and skier’s career

Team Sverige truck is among the biggest
…but not as big as a massive, two-level Norwegian one
THE biggest vehicle in cross country skiing, however, is travelling headquarters of the Visma Ski Classics series – being used here as podium from which race winners greet fans below
That’s the second Team Norge truck ( yes, they are the only team with two full sized trucks) – freshly reworked on outside with the portraits of new Olympic champs
Team US truck features full-size Thank you! note to all the donors and sponsors
Outside during the race it looks like a skier’s version of Aladdin cave with all sorts of fancy equipment in multitude
..inside the semblance to the said Aladdin’s cave is even more striking. Some of the best pairs of skis in the world on this photo
The season 2017/18 is wrapping up. Skiers & coaches are dreaming of vacations. The ski trucks will also get some R & R to return to the circuit for the next year….
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