Meet &  Follow Skiing Idiots

Meet & Follow Skiing Idiots

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Did we get your attention with that title? Well, that's what three upstanding Australia dwellers have chosen to name themselves. They also don't mind to be called more child-ears appropriate XC BeachTeam Without further a do, let's give the floor to Woody Raasveldt, Mårten Christiansson & Matthew Collits. " ...Well, we're one Aussie (Matt), one Dutch (Woody) and a Swede (Mårten) but we're all living in Manly in Sydney. Mårtens dad has done the race 49 times and and as he's moving back to Sweden he thought it would be a great opportunity to do the Vasaloppet race with his dad. As he was telling us this story we were having a few beers. It sounded like he was about to embark on a ridiculous challenge as he's still living…
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