Randall & Diggins Make History: First Olympic Gold For Non-Europeans

They say “A picture is worth a thousand words”. We concur – and instead of stuffing you with various info about two ladies who made a history last night by winning the very first non-European gold in cross-country skiing, we shall effort to convey what we saw throughout this season, their steps to triumph in Pyeonchang

Without further ado:

Kikkan Randall storming uphills of Swedish Gallivare during the first international meet-up of the season ( NB – since it’s not a part of the World Cup, Randall is wearing club colors of Power Woman by Anna Haag & Emil Jönsson
Jessie Diggins, warm up before the race
Breck Stuart Randall Ellis enjoying early Swedish winter in Gallivare as his mother quickly answers reporters’ questions
future Olympic champions are seen together before the race start
Randall with teammates Caitlin Patterson and Ida Sargent after team sprint event in Dresden
No more smiling. This is “Jessie’s Victory Face” – and she indeed will win that 10k WC race
early appearances could be deceiving: in that race Randall was overtaken by Natalie Nepryeva. In the Olympic team sprint finals, however, the young Russian, although putting a very solid performance herself, was clearly beaten by Randall
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