Who Is Running In Men’s Skiathlon At Olympics

For presentation of the world’s best skiers who are to open their Olympic competitions with skiathlon on Sunday we are going to change the format.

Instead of efforting to put on display as many skiers’ faces as possible – as we did with the skiathlon-running ladies – here we are going to limit ourselves to ten skiers only.

Three out of these ten , we believe, will stand on the podium on Sunday.

… And it’s going to be a Norway vs the Rest of the World game!

Norway has four fantastically strong skiers running, including but not limited to Martin Sundby, current world vice-champion in skiathlon ( everybody, of course, remembers his battle with Sergey Ustiugov on the final uphill) and bookies’ top favorite and outright Golden Boy of this year Johannes Klaebo

Martin Johnsrud Sundby
Johannes Høsflot Klæbo
Simen Hegstad Krueger
and Hans Christer Holund

The Rest of the World team is being lead by another red-hot favorite, Dario Cologna who is having a great season.

Dario Cologna
Alex Harvey
Maurice Manificat
Iivo Niskanen
Calle Halfvarsson standing next to his partner, Jennie Öberg
Andrei Larkov
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