Charlotte Kalla’s Victory Secret: Famous Blue Jackets From Tärendö

Whatever the world-class skiing venue, they are there: The Blue Jackets from Tärendö

Dressed in puffy downparkas, with enormous portrait of their hero on the back. Known for enthusiastic support & cheering they produce.

Probably, the best, the most organized, the most visual cross country skiing fan club in the world

Charlotte Kalla’s.

The club is lead by Leif Pekkari with active participation of Charlotte’s father, Per-Erik Kalla and her mother, Lena

Tärendö is a small town where Marina Charlotte Kalla was born, grew up and learned skiing,

Tärendö is close to the Arctic Circle but, rather more importantly, is also close to top Swedish ski centers of Gällivare, Piteå and Luleå

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