Thanks For Reading Daily Skier – And Happy New Skiing Year!


The Daily Skier was launched in April 2017 ( yes, right after the snow season’s end – it so happened) with a goal of bringing together people who care about cross country skiing as a sport , as a healthy lifestyle – and as a form of entertainment.

Yes, we want to break xc skiing out of cliches along the lines of “he won because he run faster – and here are his lap times”. Cross country skiers are some of the fittest, balanced and the most attractive people in world – there is no reason not to put it on display. They tend to have strong opinions – and we shall provide a pulpit for those to be aired in public.

One wouldn’t exactly call the Daily Skier popularity growth “explosive” so far – but it never had been a point. What we care about is to inform and to entertain – both seasoned fans & practitioners – and those who just discovered skiing. Spread the word!

We effort to vary our content across those social media platforms we are on:

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Without further ado, here’s the list of the Daily Skier’s most popular stories of the outgoing year:

By share count:

1. Interview with Team Bulgaria skier Nancy Okoro

2.Another interview, this time with Team Brazil member Aline Rocha

3.”FLEX, smooth North American” – profile of Canadian rollerski producer and its flagship product, Rundle FLEX

By amount of views:

1. Mission statement of sorts titled “10 Reasons To Add Rollerskiing To Your Life”

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2. Op-Ed by our contributor Valery Kukaleva “Who Will Become A New Beauty-Symbol For Fan-Girls?” Title says it all – enjoy the read.

3. Another rollerski-themed piece, “Most Expensive/Exotic Training Classic Rollerskis”

We thank all our readers of 2017 and promise to re-double the effort of bringing more of cross-country skiing to your smartphone, tablet or laptop in 2018. Happy New Skiing Year!

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