Northug Fan Goes On Epic Rant, Wakes Up Famous

You reckon cross country skiing fans are some cold, reserved, distant bunch – a bit like their beloved sport? Think again then.

Meet Lars Erik Saltrø, a home repair contractor from Trondheim in Norway who woke up famous this week after an epic rant he posted on his Facebook page.

Over 100.000 people in Norway ( and, presumably Sweden and even Finland) viewed the video in which Lars Erik in rather animated fashion wishes “Merry Christmas to everyone – except two people”

Those unfortunate two happened to be some household names in Norway: cross country ski team’s manager Vidar Løfshus and team trainer Tor-Arne Hetland.

So what’s caused the ire of good ole Mr. Saltrø?

In his minute long speech that invokes, among other things, names of Pol Pot and Saddam Hussein, he goes about how the national team’s management selects to participate in the Tour de Ski races “people who have difficulties breathing” like Martin Sundby, but leave outside the team “strong, motivated champions”, like Petter Northug.

Saltrø is anything but alone on his anger regarding the team selection – almost two thousand people have signed an online petition demanding sacking of  Hetland and Løfshus for “repeaedly wrecking Petter Northug’s career”

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